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Today's Featured Property

Wenyi International Hotel

Houjie Zhen

Property Typevacation Hotel Business Hotel Business/seminar Hotelyear Built 2004year Remodeled 2004ratingsstars 4 Starsadditional Hotel Descriptionwenyi International Hotel Is A 4 Star Business Hotel Whichis Located In The Center Of Dongguan. It Is Near Toshopping Street Humen Emplacement Etc. Shenzhen Is Notfar From Here. The Design Of The Hotel Is Novel Andspecial. There Are 128 Guest Rooms Such As Standard Roomsdeluxe Rooms Business Suites Etc. All Rooms Offerhigh Quality Services Comfortable Environment And Modernfacilities Such As High Speed Internet Access And Ddd Forfree Coffer Mini Bar Writing Table And Chair Decoratedbathroom With Necessaries. The Hotel Has 1 Conference Roomwhich Has Modern Equipments. And It Could Accommodate 60people. If Guests Want To Have A Nice Meal Please Go Towestern Restaurant. Well Service And Delicious Food Give Amemorable Experience. Ktv Is A Wonderful Place To Relaxwhere Guests Have Drink With Friends While Singing.

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